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Dracula Poll: Lucy and Mina


One of the most talked about topics after watching Goblin Merchant Men is regarding Mina’s closest friend, Lucy. If you haven’t seen Goblin Merchant Men yet, we suggest you do before taking this poll. Or, go ahead and peek if you’re dying to know…

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  • Sjharon Coates

    I think Lucy will betray Mina.

  • 1Merick

    Lucy is lost, looking for attention and love from whomever she can find it. I believe that she mistakes friendship for more, not knowing what true love is. She will keep her desires to herself as she flirts with others seeking to fill an empty place in her soul. At some point she and Alexander will find each other, each using the other as a substitute, possibly for the same woman. Lucy is tragic, and will come to a tragic end.